For the Best Places to Eat, Start with HoneyBaked Ham - Lancaster, PA

HoneyBaked Ham means so much to so many... From the best Christmas and Easter traditions to wholesome, hearty lunches and convenient take-home dinners, HoneyBaked Ham has become one of the best places to eat in Lancaster, PA!

Special Occasions

HoneyBaked Ham has been part of Lancaster, PA's Christmas and Easter traditions for years. That's because we take the hassle out of serving the best! Our lean, moist and flavorful honey baked hams and turkeys are already cooked and ready to go, so you can spend more time with family and friends and less time slaving over a hot stove! To make your special occasions extra special, don't forget about our homemade sides and rich desserts!

Lunch on the Run

HoneyBaked Ham is one of the best restaurants to enjoy a fresh and wholesome lunch. If you need to pick up lunch on the run, you'll love our signature sandwiches, fresh salads and homemade sides! Our restaurant is conveniently located on Lincoln Hwy East in Lancaster, PA. Stop in today and see the difference!

Dinner is DONE

Don't have anything planned for dinner tonight? Skip the fast food restaurants! Take home a wholesome, quality meal instead! Tender, flavorful, lean HoneyBaked Ham, Turkey or Roast beef, slow-cooked to perfection, plus homemade deli items, heat and serve sides and more. Just stop in for lunch and get dinner to go!